May 3, 2022

Successfully generate leads in 2023: Be sure to use these tricks

Be sure to use these secret tips if you want to successfully generate leads in 2023
Successfully generate leads in 2023: Be sure to use these tricks

Successfully generate leads in 2023: Be sure to use these tricks

According to statistics, most entrepreneurs fail within the first two years. In this article, we won't show you the multiple factors for failure, but instead, we want to introduce you to one of the most important factors for business success: lead generation.
For your business to turn a profit, you need to learn how to generate leads.
What is lead generation?
A lead is a qualified prospective buyer who is interested in your product or business. Leads can be generated by signing up for a newsletter, for example. The interested parties voluntarily leave their data in a contact form. This allows you to contact them at a later date. Entrepreneurs have various options available to generate leads.
In this blog article, we will show you 5 unique and successful methods to generate leads for your business. After reading this article, you will be able to directly apply our tips in practice.

1st Facebook Ads - Advertisements

Ads are a great way to attract new customers. You can place ads on different platforms. One very popular platform is Facebook.
But there is a challenge on social media platforms: No one is on Facebook or Instagram explicitly to buy products. Users want to interact with their friends there. Therefore, if you want to generate leads on Facebook, your ad should stand out with compelling copy and a good design.
5 steps to success for your Facebook Ads:
  1. The right offer & the right funnel
  2. The right copy
  3. The right creative
  4. The right target audience
  5. Right campaign target, platform, placement
Facebook Ads graphic
But where exactly should you start?
To get started successfully, you should first analyze your target audience. To do this, analyze data from your previous customers. What is your target audience looking for? What problems do they have, and what is the optimal solution? What do they want?
In order to be able to generate leads, you should formulate your offer in the language of your target audience from the available data. Within the first few seconds of viewing your ad, it must be clear to the user why he or she should choose your product.
Successfully generate leads - a good offer should answer the following questions:
  • What is it about?
  • Is this for me, or what do I get out of it? (USP)
  • Do I need this? (Motivation, Pains)
Let me show you an example of what a successful copy for your advertisement could look like:
Imagine you are a provider of private health insurance and offer health insurance for young professionals.
"You're a student, and you're about to start your traineeship in September? We'll find the perfect private health insurance for you! (Starting from 48 EUR/mth.) Schedule your consultation appointment now!"
You're sure to generate leads with this copy because it has all the important elements: A call to action, a specific offer, a time orientation, and it was worded positively.
Attention! Do you want to learn more about how to write compelling headlines and copy? Then be sure to read our blog articles "How to write compelling website copy" and "Storytelling: The 10 most important rules".
The next step is to target your audience. Think about what times your target audience is online, what their demographics are, and what their interests are. You will need this information to target your Facebook Ads and ultimately generate leads.
Now that you've defined your offer, written great copy, created a creative, and of course, matched everything to your target audience, you're almost there. Finally, you just need to set a campaign goal (e.g., brand awareness or reach), as well as your budget and the duration in the Facebook Business Manager.
When setting up the campaign, you define a landing page to which your leads will be directed. Usually, you can then access your leads via an internal CRM system. Follow the steps, and in a few minutes, your campaign will be online, and you can generate leads on Facebook.

2nd Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to generate leads. You can integrate them on your landing page or website. Thematically you should adapt the quiz to your business. This will also allow you to discover valuable information about your prospective buyers already.
For example, if you offer fitness coaching, you could create a quiz on fitness and ask the following questions in your quiz:
  • What goal do you want to achieve? (Lose weight, build muscle)
  • What is your diet?
  • How fast do you want to reach your goal?
At the end of the quiz, there is always a contact form, whereupon you receive the data. In the CRM, not only the contact information but also the answers from the quiz are displayed. You can use these to specifically address the lead and already present a solution to their problem.
Quiz Onepage Graphic

3rd Generate online leads: Be sure to use call-to-action buttons.

Want to generate high-quality leads? Make sure to use call-to-action buttons (CTA). Without appropriate buttons, we couldn't even talk about conversion on a page.
What to keep in mind about CTA buttons?
A CTA button tells the reader what to do next. So it always includes a call to action.
For example: "Read now!" or "Order now."
However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your CTA button even more successful and to actually generate leads.
Keep these 5 things in mind for successful CTA buttons:
  1. Used personal address (you/you).
  2. Use activating words ("Now", "Only for a limited time")
  3. Keep it short, and don't use too many words
  4. Be specific ("Get 20% off today only)
  5. Try to evoke positive emotions (power words)
CTA Button Timer

4th Insider Tip: Give something away

Do you want to generate leads online? Then watch out, because now I'm going to tell you a real insider tip.
People love to receive gifts. With the prospect of a freebie, they're more likely to fill out a contact form and leave their information. You have several options to use this method when generating leads.
You can...
... give away a freebie.
... start a contest.
... give away a 10% discount after filling out the contact form/subscribing to the newsletter.
... offer a free evaluation (e.g., create a business analysis quiz, and the user receives the free evaluation at the end).
... give away a product sample.
As you can see, there are no limits to your imagination to generate leads. See what makes the most sense for your business and try to give something away on your landing page or website. I'm sure you'll soon notice how you're generating more leads.
Freebie CTA graphic

5th Online event/ webinar

Especially in the age of COVID19, the demand for online events and webinars has increased drastically. It's not only a great way to build customer loyalty but also to generate leads. You can connect with your target audience "in person" and find out more about their buying motives and problems. You should definitely take advantage of such a unique opportunity. In addition, you can answer questions from the audience and directly respond to objections.
Here's an example: You're a fitness coach, and you want to generate new leads. That's why you decide to create an online webinar. There you can address a topic that is relevant to your target audience (how to lose weight fast). Not only will you generate new leads, but you'll also build a stronger bond with your customers and increase trust.
The best thing to do is create a landing page today (e.g., free with Onepage) and draw attention to your webinar there.
Online Webinar CTA
It's your turn!
Now we have given you many helpful tips to generate leads. Get started right away and win new customers for your business.
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